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What does WUJS Israel Hadassah offer?
The WUJS program offers a unique combination of Jewish and Israel studies, professional work experience, Hebrew Ulpan, Jewish experiences, organized group tiyulim (hikes) and cultural events throughout Israel.

Why is WUJS Israel Hadassah the best post-college Israel program?
The WUJS program provides the complete package. All WUJS program tracks take a holistic approach to the concept of an Israel Experience. Each of the tracks combines elements of Hebrew language study, Jewish study and experience, contribution to Israeli society and personal growth and development. In addition, all tracks take place within a warm yet dynamic environment and are supported by professional and experienced staff.

How and when do I apply?
Click Here to access our short online application form. Once submitted, you will receive an email from us with further instructions. Applications must be followed by a US$100 application fee that can be paid by check or credit card.
Please note: Application deadline is 60 days prior to the session's start date. All material must be received at WUJS by the date of the deadline.

Am I eligible for the WUJS program?
All WUJS tracks are open to any Jewish, college or university graduate between the ages of 21-35. Those who have not technically graduated from college or university are also eligible for the program as long as they are between the ages of 21-35.

Where can I get more information about the WUJS Israel program?
Very simple. Just click here and follow the instructions. Someone from the WUJS staff will contact you in the very near future.

What certification do I get at the end of the program?
Upon successfully completing the program, participants will receive a certificate from WUJS Israel Hadassah in addition to a letter of recommendation from WUJS and the internship placement where relevant.

Can I learn Hebrew on the WUJS program?
Yes, yes and yes! All WUJS Israel tracks offer a Hebrew language Ulpan. In addition, there are opportunities to mix with local Israelis through internships, social activities and simply living an everyday life in the Jewish State.

What language is the program conducted in?
All classes and avtivities are conducted in English apart from the Hebrew language Ulpan.

Those participants who can communicate in Hebrew will have a wider choice of internship placements available to them.

Who is responsible for the group in Israel?
WUJS Israel Hadassah is a program run by Young Judaea's student division, YJ Impact!

What do I do when I am not learning or at my internship?
All WUJS Israel programs in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv are conveniently located close to the cultural centers of the cities. During free time, this allows participants time to explore the many cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, theaters, shops, beach and more. Over the weekends, further exploring can be done around the country including camping, hiking and other leisure activities. WUJS Israel employs a weekend consultant who can help you plan your time effectively.

Can I be religious on the WUJS Israel program?
Absolutely! Beyond the opportunities to learn during program hours, participants are encouraged to explore and experience Judaism within a pluralist environment. On Shabbat, participants can enjoy one of the many communities within Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv, be they Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist or Secular. We want all of our participants to have the opportunity to be part of an environment rich with Yiddishkeit.

What does a typical week on the WUJS Israel program look like?
Please click on the links below to check out a typical week on each of our 5 tracks.

WUJS Jerusalem Learning
WUJS Intern Jerusalem
WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv

What are the living arrangements?
Typically, WUJS participants live in apartments suitable for 4-6 people. Each apartment has at least 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living area. Participants should expect to be sharing a room. The apartments are furnished with beds, closets, sofas, table and chairs and all kitchen equipment needed to live comfortably.

I am thinking about making Aliyah. Should I come on the WUJS Israel program first?
Yes. The WUJS Israel program is a great stepping stone for someone who is considering Aliyah. Spending 6 months in Israel before Aliyah can provide ground for a soft landing into the country by making the simple choice of an internship in Tel-Aviv or study program in Jerusalem.

Will the WUJS Israel program help me to make Aliyah once I am in Israel?
Yes. WUJS will help you through the exciting yet bureaucratic process of making Aliyah as well as aid you in the search for accommodation, employment and social networks.

How much does the program cost?
WUJS tracks start at US$7750. The price includes accommodation, local bus passes, classes, internship, informal educational activities and overnight tiyulim (hikes). The cost does not include flight or food.

What about spending money?
Each participant must bring enough money for food, toiletries, transportation etc.
From the past experience of participants somewhere in the range of $400 - $800 a month is to be expected.

Can I receive a MASA scholarship?
WUJS Israel Hadassah is recognized by MASA. As such, all participants are eligible to apply for MASA funding.

Download an application for MASA funding or to read more about the MASA funding policy for your country.

What about other scholarship opportunities?
Many Jewish Federations, synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, and other community organizations may provide scholarships for Israel programs. Should you require financial assistance, we encourage you to seek out and contact these funding sources as early as possible to meet any required deadlines.
WUJS Israel also has a scholarship fund that you can apply for by contacting info@wujsisrael.org

is an excellent resource for scholarship opportunities for program applicants.

What is the payment schedule?
-$US100 application fee (non-refundable) to be paid upon submission of your application to WUJS. This fee is not part of the tuition payments.
-Upon acceptance to the program first tuition payment of $US 1000.
-One month prior to program opening, payment of remainder of tuition.
What is WUJS refund policy?
WUJS Payment Schedule and Refund Policy

How can I rent a cell phone?
Participants on the WUJS program are recommended to rent a cell phone from Israel Phones. This arrangement allows participants to call each other free of charge and also offers special rates for overseas calls. It also allows participants to receive the most up to date security information in Israel.

Does the fact that most people are English speakers affect the amount of Hebrew I am likely to learn?
Yes. Students tend to use English outside the Hebrew class. You will find, however, that you can speak as much Hebrew as you want to. Our students are highly motivated learners and the participant body is homogenous in terms of age. There are Hebrew classes during the day and extra Hebrew tutoring is available to students in the evening. All this creates an atmosphere of serious study and enables motivated students to advance rapidly. Additionally, students can visit their adopting families frequently, do their own shopping and spend time volunteering within the community. All this means that, despite the preponderance of English speakers at on the program, there are plenty of opportunities to mix with Israelis and to speak the language.

Will I have enough Hebrew at the end of the course to start work in Israel?
Your fluency in Hebrew on leaving the WUJS Israel program will depend on three factors: how much Hebrew you started with, your own linguistic ability and the extent to which you apply yourself during the program. Generally, the WUJS Israel program provides its students with a very firm foundation on which they build once they get out to work and begin to use the language on a day-to-day basis. If your profession is not one of those in which language is a tool of the trade, you should have enough Hebrew by the end of the course to start work. However, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, etc., may encounter more difficulty if they wish to work in their profession, until they acquire fluency.

Will I have a chance to get to know Israelis?
Yes, but it will depend on your own efforts to take advantage of the opportunities. One of the best elements of the WUJS program is that there are young Israelis living in one of the apartments in the WUJS building so this is your built in bridge to Israeli society.

How will people contact me while I am on the WUJS Israel program?
The most efficient way to keep in contact is online which is made easier by the fact that all WUJS Israel apartments have wireless access. In addition participants can receive packages through one of the WUJS Israel offices in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.

Address for Jerusalem based participants:
Your name, WUJS Israel, PO Box 9241, Jerusalem, 91092, Israel
Phone: 972-2-632-2804        
Fax: 972-2-672-2406

Address for Tel-Aviv based participants:
Your name, WUJS Israel, 1 Struma Street, Bat-Yam, 59515, Israel
Phone: 972-3-508-9570
Fax: 972-3-509-0760

What computer facilities are there and can I bring a laptop?
There are wireless routers in all the WUJS apartments so feel free to bring a laptop. There are no immediate printing facilities.

What is the weather like in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv?
Summers are very hot and Tel-Aviv is humid. The winters in Tel-Aviv are pleasant while in Jerusalem it can get very cold and even snow. 

How do I do laundry?
In Jerusalem there are Laundromat facilities available in the apartment building. In Tel-Aviv, you will do your laundry in one of the local Laundromats. For a small fee you can also leave your laundry with them and they will do it for you.

Can I bring a pet?
No pets of any kind are allowed in WUJS Israel apartments.

Are there gym and sports facilities?
Participants can join one of the local gyms in Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv. Participants must bring a letter from their doctor stating that they are in the proper physical condition.

What about Transportation?
From Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv WUJS Israel participants have direct buses to almost the entire country. Participants also receive a monthly bus pass that provides free transportation within the cities of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv respectively.

What about banking?
The banks in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv provide all the banking services that participants need including ATM machines. Most international debit cards work with Israeli ATM machines. Money can be exchanged into shekels at any of the local Change stands in either city or at any of the major post office branches. The WUJS Israel offices each have a safe where money and small valuables such as passport and flight tickets, may be kept.

Are there any security concerns?
On all excursions, WUJS Israel arranges for all proper security measures, including an armed escort and medic when necessary. We encourage students not to visit potentially dangerous areas such as the West Bank while in Israel. Further security instructions are given upon arrival to the program.

Do I need to arrange a visa?
Yes. If possible, participants should arrange their A2 'MASA' visa with their local Israeli consulate before arriving in Israel. If that is not possible, participants receive an automatic 3-month visa upon arrival in Israel. WUJS Israel will then help you arrange visa extensions with the Ministry of Interior near the end of the first three months. More information will be provided after acceptance to the program.

What about medical insurance?
It is recommended that participants come with their own travel medical insurance from home. Alternatively, participants can buy tourist medical insurance in Israel. In general this does not cover pre-existing conditions and related medication. More information will be provided after acceptance to the program.

WUJS Israel Programs
Secure your place!
Staying in Israel
Over the last 40 years, almost one third of all WUJS participants have remained in Israel after the program and made Aliyah. We have an Aliyah consultant on staff who can answer all related questions. On top of that, the WUJS program organizes an Aliyah day for its participants, where seminars are arranged to cover topics such as Aliyah rights and benefits, employment, higher education and the Israeli Army. Included in this day is an opportunity for you to meet with WUJS alumni who have made Aliyah so you can hear their stories and experiences.
Additionally, WUJS provides two other services that we feel will significantly aid our participants with their first steps in Israel. We work together with participants to translate their resumes into Hebrew and, we offer participants five personal meetings with WUJS staff member to assist in employment and housing search.