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WUJS participants support their country

Natalie, Megan and Ayla enjoying the game 

More than half of the WUJS Israel group recently went to the Israel v Greece soccer/football match, a World Cup Qualifier in Israel's bid to reach the finals in South Africa in 2010.  The atmosphere was electric with over 40,000 spectators packed into the stadium.  Following the incredible rendition of Hatikva, the game began and Greece soon took the lead going in 1-0 up at half time.  In the second half, Israel began to play and got a deserved equaliser midway through the half.  The game ended 1-1, a result that favoured the Greeks but we all had a good time anyway.

WUJS Jerusalem participants up with the sun

One of the rarest Jewish ceremonies is that of Birkat Hachama.  It takes place once every 28 years and marks the time when the sun returns to the same point as it was duration the creation of the world.  The blessing has to be made with the sun in sight and a few of the WUJS participants made their way down to the Kotel for 5 o'clock in the morning to join thousands of others in this remarkable event.

WUJS Israel Siyur to Sderot


Gabriel in the bomb shelter in Sderot

Every Tuesday WUJS Israel participants in Tel-Aviv get together for a siyur (educational field trip) somewhere in the country.  Recently, the siyur took them to the town of Sderot that has become so well known for it's proximity to Gaza and subsequent missile attacks on its civilians.  In a show of solidarity with the people of Sderot the WUJS group spent the day with the Sderot Media Center where they were given a tour of the town and perspective of life in this town that has been in the headlines now for more that 8 years.

WUJS Jerusalem goes out on the town

Part of the WUJS Israel program is providing its participants with an authentic Israeli experience.  Jerusalem is certainly known for its university life, especially among young artists, since some of the best art programs are located in the Capital.  Before Pesach, Yonit, the Jerusalem madricha (counselor), took the WUJS Jerusalem group on a tour to various night spots that are hangouts for Israeli university students.  The scene is very bohemian and most of the bars are found in little alleyways that are not known to your average tourist.  The WUJS participants made sure to take notes and went back to a few of the locations after the tour was over to mingle with some of their Israeli peers and share a beer or two!

New found friends for WUJS Tel-Aviv participants

With the aim of increasing the connection between WUJS Israel participants and Israeli society, we recently began an inititiative in which students from Tel-Aviv university have the opportunity to "adopt" participants from the WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv program.  The main idea of the project is to give WUJS participants in Tel-Aviv the maximum opportunity to build social connections with young people of their own age.  Through making these connections our participants are more involved in the Tel-Aviv "scene", including invitations to weekends away, parties, cultural events and more. 

The project is run in conjunction with the Tel-Aviv University Student Union and following the posting of a few flyers in the university, over 50 students responded that they were interested in taking part.  After the informal introductory meeting at Tel-Aviv university which lasted close to 3 hours! phone numbers, email and facebook addresses were exchanged, the result of which today is that our participants feel even more at home in the city of Tel-Aviv.