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Hebrew Class in the City


WUJS Participants Blog!

Check out Jesse Schneiderman's, from New York, blog.  Get an inside perspective into the life of a WUJS Tel-Aviv intern.

TLV Interns Trip into the Future

 When visiting Israel, one will spend a lot of time learning about the past.

On DSC_0008.JPGTuesday, our Tel Aviv Interns took a trip into the future when they visited the Israeli startup company called "Better Place".  

Better Place is building the first electric car network in Israel and other cities around the world. The idea behind this company is to stop dependency on oil by implementing the electric car.DSC_0022.JPG

 After the group learned about the company and took a tour of the facility they got to test drive the cars. I had the chance to catch up with WUJS participant Jesse Schneiderman after he test drove the car. "Having the chance to test drive the car was pretty sweet.  The cars were almost silent, the acceleration was smoother and breaking was easier."

DSC_0026.JPGAs of now, the company has 5 charging stations set up in Israel. They hope to have 60 stations when the cars are available to the public. "This is a real possibility and its happening. Usually electric cars are not something people take seriously as an option. It will be a reality!"



WUJS Alum Abbie Silber Featured on Jewish Rock Radio

The first high-caliber international Jewish rock internet  radio station has just launched - Jewish Rock Radio! 

Abbie Silber is featured as an upcoming artist! Be sure to check out her music and listen to her exclusive Interview about WUJS by clicking the link below:



abby.jpg In a recent interview Abbie said, "A lot of the music that is featured under my emerging artist page was written while I was on WUJS and all were definitely written while I was in Israel last year.  Some of the recordings are from the WUJS recording session, too.  WUJS really helped me get to where I am." 

Congrats, we wish you lots of success!  

Abbie was a participant on the WUJS Arts Track in September 2009.

Jerusalem Participants Visit Zichron Yaakov


On Tuesday 2nd November, I had the opportunity to join our Jerusalem participants on their weekly siyur (field trip). We spent the day in Zichron Yaacov; one of my favorite cities in Israel. First stop of the day was Ramat Hanadiv. Ramat Hanadiv is a beautiful botanical garden situated just outside the city of Zichron We walked around the gardens taking in the smells, colors, and enjoying the cool mountain breeze.  After months of heat the fall season has finally arrived and welcomed with open arms.  From the gardens we drove to the center of Zichron for a tour of the Aliyah Museum Next stop was a quick stroll around the midrachov (walking promenade) and lunch in one of the cute cafes that line the street.  




WUJS Sept 2010 013.jpg

Zichron is famous for Wine. It is home to three of the largest wineries in Israel and many other boutique wineries. It seems only fitting that we would visit the Tishbi Winery for a tour and tasting.  


          La Chaim!


WUJS Sept 2010 027.jpg