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Making Aliyah?.... That is the question.

On Tuesday, July 19th, WUJS Tel Aviv and Jerusalem had an Aliyah seminar day at the Young Judaea building in Jerusalem. It was full of great information! 

flag.jpgHere are some funny words of wisdom from Kate, the Assistant Director of Young Judaea Year-Course, about why she loves living in Israel and why she's so happy that she made Aliyah.

Reasons Kate loves Israel:

1.  Vegetables actually taste like vegetables.
2.  Tomatoes are 3 shekels/kilo.
3.  Israelis are rude and honest, not polite and false.
4.  Israelis treat each other like family -- They might make you cry when they scream at you in the middle of a traffic jam when they're frustrated, but then they come right over and give you a tissue.
5.  The pace of life is fun and interesting -- you can have someone hold your spot in line while you go do another errand and then come back and get your spot back.
6.  Being a Jew is the majority.

And last but certainly not least...

7.  There is no snow to shovel in the winter!

To Kate, being in Israel is the "perfect fit."  She compared it to when you find the perfect shoe and then you buy it in every color and wear it until it's completely worn out.  

Kate advised that during your WUJS program, you should try to figure out if you just have a crush on Israel...or are you seriously in love?  It should just feel right.

By: Jessica Fass

Amy Gross- Nachon, Coordinator of Admissions and Recruitment is greeted at Ben Gurion Airport by now husband Avishay on her Aliyah day.
September, 8, 2008.

A Special Evening at the House of WUJS

The WUJS participants hosted a party on the rooftop of our home in Tel Aviv. 


P1020834.JPGEveryone invited outside Israelis, Americans, and other international people we met during our time here who are also living in Tel Aviv. "We had an amazing time -- our roof was overflowing with people and it really helped us feel at home in Israel to be the hosts for the evening."  - Jessica Fass

The Fass Family Visit.

On Friday, July 1st, participant Jessica Fass' family was visiting from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA, and they decided to host a Shabbat dinner for WUJS participants and their friends on the gorgeous rooftop of the WUJS participants' home at 7 Y.L. Perets.  Jessica wanted her parents and brother to see what it's really like to live like an Israeli, so they went shopping together at the Shuk Ha Carmel that morning to buy fresh food, produce, and ingredients to cook the Shabbat dinner. 

 Jessica's wonderful Jewish mother Lori decided to make chicken piccata and pot roast with a classic Israeli salad and a unique noodle kuggle with cherries and apples for a special summertime treat!  Jessica helped by chopping vegetables and mixing the ingredients into the noodle kuggle.  Lori was surprised she couldn't find the exact noodles she would've used to make the kuggle back in Los Angeles, but she improvised.  After all, improvising is what Israel is all about.  :)  Jessica's brother Alex and dad Arthur helped set the table and bought the wine.  Jessica invited both WUJS participants and Israeli friends she had met during her Birthright 2010 trip and at her internship through WUJS at the Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv.  It was wonderful to have Jessica's family meet the other WUJS participants from all over the US and the world and her Israeli friends.  Everyone felt like one big happy Jewish family having Shabbat together.  :)  And when dinner was over, everyone said, "That was delicious!  Now yalla bye!"