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"Underneath the Surface"

With the spectacular final exhibition, the WUJS Arts track of spring 2011 has come to an end. The artists could show their art pieces in the gallery and during presentations. The last few months they worked hard to create (sometimes new forms of) art.

The group exist of eight individuals, their art is not comparable with each other in any way and that made the exhibition various and special. However as a whole it looked perfectly well together. Ilana Gleiser surprised the visitors with her 'humans turn into animals' photography. Gill Kaufman showed his expertise in the exposition with ceramics.

By selling his pieces, he turns art into business.



WUJS March 2011 Hike in North 005.jpgAlexis Rosenblatt made a creative art piece, using different materials, for instance pages of a Hebrew dictionary. As well, she created a colorful dress of plastic bags.

WUJS March 2011 Hike in North 018.jpg Bradley Machov has shot some incredible photos in Israel, which showed people and landscapes from a unique perspective. Vardit Lightstone showed her short stories, companied by biblical pictures. Joline Vyth used the themes 'love' and 'home' in her collage and poetry.

Not only in the gallery was room for art, during the presentations the artists were introduced, well done by Naomi Present. Bradley Machov, a blogger and short story writer, read a part of his short story. Vardit Lightstone, as well a writer, read her based on Tanach stories. Joline Vyth read her poem, about the question what home is. Alexis Rosenblatt and Zippora Seidenberg practiced a lot of music together and performed two beautiful self composed songs. Jacob Singer wrote a play and showed a part of it. With  a sense of drama the actors played like they were professionals!



WUJS March 2011 Hike in North 029.jpgThe artists of WUJS Arts track spring 2011 thanked Ofra Zucker, who has taught the artists about Jewish and Israeli art. She was their guide and helped them to find inspiration in the land of Israel.


The audience was very impressed by all this. Afterwards it was time for shmoozing and refreshments to digest the artistic impressions...


By: Joline Vyth