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What's been happening?

Meeting Idan Richel 

Gilya bisk got an opportunity of a lifetime to meet one of the most famous israeli artist in israel at this time! She entered a masa competition on facebook and 5 out of about 3000 where chosen to go back stage and meet him after the show! It was awesome to hear one of our own to be called out of such a huge crowd. 


Visit to the Binyimina Winery
Both Tel aviv and Jerusalem participants traveled to a winery in Binyamina. They toured the winery and learned how all the types of wines were distilled and or where they got their flavor and color. After the tour, they ended with a miny wine tasting, particpants were filled with excitement. I am sure you can imagine why.... :)


Nature Reserve Walk
On tuesday's trip the WUJS Participants went to a beautiful beack and nature reserve. They walked through the nature reserve, enjoying the beauty and ambiance. We all took pictures by the ocean side, and it was a very quaint and lovely time.