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Ricky Yihye, Coordinator of WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv

Ricky Yihye, Coordinator of WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv

Education: B.A. in Theatre and Art History, Tel-Aviv University; Working on Masters, Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Hometown: Moshav Netua

Current location: Hertzaliya


What are your responsibilities?

After the students register with Amy and pay their first tuition, I get the students contact information. I begin by emailing the students to find out what type of internship they would want. I work with the participants to figure out their internship placement. I look at their resumes, contact employers, and then report back to the students. I always try to get the students in contact with their bosses before they come to make sure they have a clear idea of what they will be doing when they start. 

How do you help integrate the participants into Israeli society?

Starting an internship can be scary so on their first day of work, I take each individual on the bus to show them their route and introduce them to their boss. Once the program starts, I am responsbile for weekly and monthly schedules, logistical and personal issues, educational and cultural programming, and internship placements. The students can come to me with any problem and believe me, I have heard it all! 

P1010371.JPGWhat are your goals for the participants?

I want the participants to have fun, be happy, and make friends within the group and with Israelis. Within the 6 months that they are here, I would like them to feel comfortable and integrated into Israeli society in hopes that they consider staying afterwards.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I have a lot, do i have to pick one? I love to see the changes in the participants from when they arrive to when they leave. It's like they are a different person. I love to get feedback from the employers about how great my kids are. I also like siyurs (field trips) because it gives me the chance to take hang out with them on a weekly basis. Each week is different.

Who would you like to see come on this program?

This is a good solution for people who just graduate before they start their career. This is their way to explore Israel. It is also good for people who want to change their lives. We have people who quit their jobs and want to change their environment. WUJS provides the opportunity for people to dip their feet in the water of Israel before making the decision to make aliya. Participants just have to come and work, they dont have to worry about anything. That's my job!