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Internship Visit- Yelena Sigal

Last week we took a visit to one of Jerusalem's many branches of the Ministry of Health to their center for infectious diseases. Yelena Sigal, a graduate of University of Wisconsin '06 with a degree in Microbiology will be spending her WUJS internship hours at this office. It was so interesting to listen to her supervisor speak to us about how the Israeli government handles disease outbreaks and prevents them from spreading. Right now, the Israeli government is in the process of updating their pamphlets on side effects of vaccines given to adults and children. Yelena is currently researching what other countries around the world have reported what the various side effects are after vaccines are given. Yelena is not only doing very interesting work, but helping and making a difference in every day Israeli Society!

YelenaInternship.jpgOn our visit, we were happy to have Sue Mizrachi from the Hadassah New York office. Sue loves WUJS! In the past, every machzor 20 scholarships have been awarded from Hadassah. With MASA and Hadassah combined you too could be here in Israel on WUJS!

pictured (from left):
Yonit Schacher, Jerusalem Internship coordinator
Sue Mizrachi, Hadassah New York Office
Yelena Sigal, WUJS Jerusalem Intern
Abby Ravski, WUJS Fall 2010, current marketing & alumni relations intern

WUJS Student Profile- Shoshana Gottesman

Name: Shoshana Gottesman, 23
Hometown: Houston, Texas
WUJS Track: Jerusalem Internship & Arts
College: University of Miami Frost School of Music
Major: Music, International Studies & Public Relations

Why did you decide to take 6 months and come to Israel?
Since my sophomore year in university, I knew that I wanted to spend time in Israel after graduation. The only question was, which program was the right one for me. Luckily, I found WUJS and so far, so good!

What are you doing while on WUJS?

I am interning for Heartbeat Jerusalem, an international community of musicians, teachers, and students that are transforming conflict and creating mutual understanding through the power of music. In other words, Heartbeat brings together Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli youth to make music together and engage in peacemaking activities. As well, I plan on giving a recital at the end of the program on the viola.

What are you looking forward to the most?
It is hard to say what I'm necessarily looking forward to the most as I'm already living the dream. It will be exciting to see how my internship with Heartbeat Jerusalem progresses over the next few months.

Where else have you traveled in the world?
I am very lucky to have been brought in a family that loves traveling. In fact, many say that I have caught the "travel bug". I have visited countries in South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. My most recent adventures were to Tunisia this past summer to run a music festival for Tunisian youth and to Damascus, Syria on a George Mason University course about Reflection & Practice in the fields of conflict resolution and citizen diplomacy.

What Israeli food are you hoping to eat a lot of during your time in Israel?
The hardest question of them all! There is a specific restaurant in the Old City that has the best hummus ever, so hopefully I'll become a frequent visitor.

Shoshana Gottesman.jpg


Place of volunteering


Type of Organization

Type of work being performed

Weitz Institute of the Jewish Agency

Weitz Center 

International School 

Work with the students from abroad, organize tours 

Moriah Plaza Hotel

Moriah Plaza Tel Aviv Hotel (Formely Known as Sheraton Moriah). Tel Aviv. Rates from USD138


Work at the front desk

Ichilov Hospital

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Fertility Clinic

Observing doctors in the clinic


Telalivit - Social Network, Jobs, Events, Aliyah


Marketing of website, advertising

Opera House

The Israeli Opera

Israeli Opera Production


Wolfson Hospital

Wolfson Children's Hospital

"Save a Child's Heart" organization

Arranges for tours of hospital, accompany doctors

Hizkiya Hachmon

Lawyer's office

Assist the lawyers

APco Company

APCO Worldwide

International consulting firm

Internet research

"Olah! Records" Company

Oleh Records

Organization that assist Israeli artists to get International exposure and teaches them how to do it professionally

The intern works on the fashion line of this company 

Theater: Fringe Etgarim

The company brings international theater professionals to expose them to the Fringe theater in Israel

Deal with the theater professional that arrive, work on the logistics for their visits, sees shows

Meirav Productions

Meirav Productions

Production Company


Ramat Aviv Gimmel School

Ramat Aviv Gimmel

Elementary school

Works with the olim students of the Elementary School




Work on Marketing, Advertising, Events

Tel Aviv University

Welcome to Tel Aviv University

Master Program

Works with students from abroad, events coordinator

"Hoshen" Organization

חושן - חינוך ושינוי

Gay and Lesbian Organization

Marketing & Fundraising

Jaffa Center for Education

The Jaffa Institute

Educational Organization


Afik Turgeman

Afik Turgemen

Lawyer's Office

Assist the lawyers

Nitzan Bergman


Work on various projects, one of them is to design the area against the wall by Zion Gate


Physiology clinic

Research Assistant, specifcly for feet

Jerusalem Municipality

The Jerusalem Website

Design and planning department

Municipality Planning

Body & Soul

מכון כושר בירושלים בודי אנד סול


Trainer assistant

Merkaz Hamagshimim



Assisting the director

Esther Phillips Interns at Oleh! Records

Esther Phillips, 25, Toronto, Canada

IADT, Seneca College, B.A. in Fashion Design, Fashion Business

Track:Internships Tel Aviv | Israel Programs | WUJS Israel Hadassah

Internship:Oleh Records, Product Development/ Marketing (fashion/music)

Living in Tel Aviv on the WUJS program has been a great experience for me. Tel Aviv is a fun and bustling city to live in with a lot of young people, art and culture. The WUJS program provides the framework for living here and getting the most out of our Israel experience. The weekly siyurs help educate us about the history and current political issues in Israel, while also allowing us to explore different parts of the country. Group activities within Tel Aviv such as going to see concerts, theatre, movie nights etc. are also a definite bonus. The thing I like the most about the program is that it gives participants freedom to experience Israel in a way that is not overly structured. I have formed many close friendships with other participants and Israeli's that I am sure will last a lifetime. This in itself has made the experience on WUJS worthwhile.

Oleh! Records is an independent, non for profit record company operating out of Tel Aviv, Israel. This organization promotes and supports young talented Israeli musicians by helping them get discovered abroad. All of the artists signed by Oleh! Records sing in English in order to reach a wider audience. Oleh! supports modern youth culture and artists with alternative music styles, representing ambassadors for Israel. We want Israel to be seen as the modern country it is with a happening music scene, art and culture instead of through the skewed perception that negative media coverage often portrays.


What were you doing before you came here?

I studied Fashion Business at Seneca College in Toronto. This concentrates on the business side of the fashion industry in areas such as buying/merchandising, management, sales, product development, and marketing. Before this I studied fashion design at The International Academy of Design where I had hands on experience constructing garments and learning how to put together a fashion line.

How did you hear about this WUJS Israel program? 

A friend of mine researched the program for herself and then told me about it. She is on the program as well.

What responsibilities will you have during this internship?

My main role is to work on the development of a fashion label (Oleh!) that will help further brand and bring awareness to the organization. I am working alongside graphic designers to create a hip streetwear line (made up of graphic printed teeshirts, hoodies, and other accessories) influenced by Tel Aviv street art and the music scene in Israel. I develop the framework for the line and also help pitch it to potential retailers with a written business proposal. My other responsibilities apart from the fashion line are directly related to promoting the record company and its artists. I help update media online media portals such as the main website, facebook, twitter and My Space. I have also been involved in viral marketing campaigns (spread through youtube and email) and have helped organize and promote educational workshops for musicians in Tel Aviv. I work closely with group of other interns and often get to be involved with their individual projects related to viral marketing promotions, sponsorship and event planning. We all bounce ideas off one another and it's a great working environment.

What are your goals for this internship program?

My initial goal was to gain valuable experience in product development and marketing. Furthermore, I am excited about developing a fashion line for a worthy organization, linking fashion with music and further branding Oleh! Records abroad.

Have you had any difficulty settling in?

No. I have actually adjusted fairly well considering the cultural differences and the distance from home. I think that living with roommates who I've become good friends with and being in a program with other participants makes a big difference. 

What did your friends say when you told them your plan to come to Israel?

Most of my friends were supportive and thought it would be a good experience for me. Others warned me about pissing off Arabs and getting bombed. I think they were kidding...

Donna Feinstein Interns for the Opera House and Haaretz Newspaper

Donna Shlomit Feinstein, 23, Houston, Texas

University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art

Track: Internships Tel Aviv | Israel Programs | WUJS Israel Hadassah

Internship: Prop designer at the Tel Aviv Opera House and Photographer at Haaretz

Links: The Israeli OperaHaaretz Daily Newspaper Israel, Israeli News Source

Tel Aviv is a very exciting city that never sleeps. There is always something to do, and I discover new things almost every time that I go out. As a fluent Hebrew speaker, it is so refreshing to step outside of my apartment and hear everyone around me speaking in Hebrew.

The WUJS internship program is a nice exposure to living in Israel. I have become very close with the people in the program, the weekly trips are enjoyable, and the internship placement was very successful. The Opera House is a very exciting establishment. Major operas and performances are performed on the stage year-round. 

Haaretz is a left-wing newspaper based in Tel Aviv that discusses controversial topics. 


What were you doing before you came here? 

I was a student at the University of Texas in Austin studying video art, photography and printmaking.

How did you hear about this WUJS Israel program? 

I heard about this program through my mother, who found an advertisement in the local Jewish newspaper.

What responsibilities will you have during this internship?

My responsibilities at the Opera House are to create props for the stage by specific deadlines. My responsibilities at Haaretz are to take photographs of Israel on a weekly basis, as well as censor talkbacks, proofread articles, and translate articles from Hebrew to English.

What are your goals for this internship program?

My goal is to make important connections within the art field in Tel Aviv.

Have you had any difficulty settling in? Fortunately I have not had any difficulty settling in as I am fluent in Hebrew and my family (with the exception of my parents and brother) lives in Israel.

What did your friends say when you told them your plan to come to Israel? My friends joked that I was moving to Israel to find a husband!

Kelly Nahmia, 28, Thessaloniki, Greece

Palazzo Spinelli for Interior Design, Florence, B.A. in Interior Design

Track: Internships Tel Aviv

Internship: Danny Israelevits' office

I'm working in an architecture- interior design office and its owner is called Danny Israelevits. Its an office that mostly takes over villas and secondly public projects like schools, city counsils, cafes.They take over the whole project from the beginning, from its structure till the inside part and that's where interior design takes over.


For me, living in Tel Aviv has been a very nice experience, although I feel there are so many places to see and visit that I haven't been still and want to. The whole atmosphere reminds me very much of my country where they are a bit crazy, like the Israelis. The WUJS program is a very nice program for someone who wants to get to know Israel. It's a very good experience and I would recommend it specially to young people. It's a very good 'passport' for someone who wants to live in Israel after all. 

What were you doing before you came here?

I was working in a furniture company.

How did you hear about this WUJS Israel program? 

From a friend who is a masa program. Find out more at Masa Israel.

What responsibilities will you have during this internship?

To design the project that's gonna be given to me.

What are your goals for this internship program?

To learn more things about my occupation and the owner to appreciate my work.

Have you had any difficulty settling in?

No, except for the fact that I don't have my car and I don't know the language which has been a problem sometimes.

What did your friends say when you told them your plan to come to Israel?

They were so excited that they wanted to take them with me!

Amy Ovadia is Social Networking with Telalivit.com

Name: Amy Ovadia, 23, Lafayette, CA.

California Polytechnic, B.A. in Nutrition

Track: Internships Tel Aviv

Internship: www.telalivit.com 

Telalivit, still fairly new, is a social network aimed at olim hadashim. It helps people that have just moved to Tel Aviv settle into this city.  This is done through helping people find jobs, volunteer opportunities, living arrangements. Additionally, Telalivit is about helping new olim meet others through social events. As an intern, I help plan Telalivit events, such as Shabbat dinners, or for instance, an event for lone soldiers.  We also plan to join with other organizations such as PresenTense and StandWithUS. 


Tel Aviv is a unique and special city.  Up until now, I have never lived in a city that doesn't sleep, but it is very exciting. There is always something going on. I like that while in Tel Aviv, you can meet people from any country! Additionally, I appreciate how you can see Hassidic men walking down that street, while a minute later, you see punk-rock teenage girls with pink hair walking down the same street. I enjoy being on the WUJS internship program and I enjoy learning about Israeli culture, whether it be from our siyurs or simply living life here.

What were you doing before you came here?

I just graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I finished in June, received my B.S. in Nutrition and minored in Biology. For a short time, I interned with a County Public Health Department in San Luis Obispo.

How did you hear about this WUJS Israel program? 

I searched through all of the MASA programs offered and came across this one. Find out more at Masa Israel.

What responsibilities will you have during this internship?

I am responsible for publicizing exciting events in Tel Aviv, letting olim hadashim know about Telalivit and helping manage the website.

What are your goals for this internship program?

I would like to meet as many new people and make as many new connections as possible. A main goal for me is to improve my communication skills, as this is something important and useful for any career and all aspects of life. Also, I'd like to continue to go to various events. For instance, I've been able to attend a speech by Shimon Peres, a dinner for lone soldiers etc.

Have you had any difficulty settling in?

Not particularly. It takes getting used to living with so many people, but at times it can be fun.  There is always something going on.

What did your friends say when you told them your plan to come to Israel?

They were very excited for me! They told me not to get married while I am here.

Seth Felix Helps Tourists at the Moriah Plaza Hotel

Seth Felix, 28, Fresno, Ca

California State University Long Beach, B.A. in Communications

Track: Internship Tel Aviv 

Internship: Reception and Concierge Moriah Plaza Tel Aviv Hotels in Tel Aviv, Israel

I enjoy working with people, which could explain why I am enjoying this internship so much. While working in the Kabbalah, I am always in constant contact with other departments such as security, housekeeping, the business center, three different in-house restaurants, as well as bell boys, and the laundry department. Maintaining great communication with these departments is essential to providing our guests with the best possible stay at the Moriah Plaza.



My favorite part of this internship includes a couple of aspects. First, the reason I am so enthused about the actual position is that I am able to help people and make their day/stay as enjoyable as possible. When I recommend a restaurant to eat at or to visit a particular tourist site, it makes my day to hear their feedback, which in most cases is positive. Knowing that I contributed to their pleasurable experience is what makes me want to come back to work everyday and stay in this industry. Secondly, I love the people I work with. 

At first I was expecting them to look at me as if i was an outsider, not being Israeli and hardly speaking Hebrew. But I was pleasantly shocked of how patient my manager and co-workers were and have continued to be. I try to use my Hebrew as much as possible, but there are those times when I must turn to a fellow employee for assistance. Not only that but when a guest becomes irritated because of my lack of Hebrew knowledge, my Manager is quick to jump in and explain to them to be patient with me because I am in the process of learning Hebrew and that I am trying to make Alliyah... the guest usually changes their tone.

How did you hear about this WUJS Israel program? 

My mom found WUJS for me. Find out more @ Masa

What responsibilities will you have during this internship?

I work at the Kabbalah, or in English in the Reception Department of The Moriah Plaza Hotel. I take on the responsibility as a concierge as well as help guests and potential guests during their arrival, the duration of their stay, and make sure they have a pleasant departure. Every day my responsibilities vary, mostly I begin my day with assigning rooms and making room keys for expected tour groups staying at our hotel.

On a daily basis I can expect a tourist group of 40 people from Germany to the entire Israeli Olympic Soccer team and their entourage. I prepeare their check-ins ahead of time to avoid chaos in the lobby and to ensure their arrival is smooth and relaxing. Another task of mine, during my managerial training, is pre-blocking rooms for group arrivals a day in advance, which creates less stress and a smooth arrival on their check-in day. During my shift I also check guests in and out of their rooms, providing them with information in and around the hotel as well as in the city of Tel Aviv.

What are your goals for this internship program?

I want to gain experience in my current field and hope for a great career opportunity upon my return to the states. I also want to improve my Hebrew, as well as make lifelong friends from WUJS.

Have you had any difficulties settling in?

Yes, we bought vanilla milk by mistake. And on the way home from work the first day, Michal and I ended up in the city of Holon... finally arriving home 2 ½ hours later.

What did your friends say when you told them your plan to come to Israel?

My family was very encouraging, while my friends thought I was CRAZY/INSANE.

Check out photos from the Internships

Jacob Kieval, the WUJS Media Man

Jacob Kieval, 22, Sharon, MA

Wash U in St. Louis, Film and Media Studies

Track: Internships Tel Aviv

Internship: Meirav Productions

WUJS welcomes our new intern! Jacob Kieval is now the WUJS video and media production intern. He is responsible for interviewing, recording and editing video profiles of our students, interns and staff. He follows them in their natural habitats in the office or in the field. This video and media productions opportunity is allowing him to practice his skill and to be in creative control. Jacob's is also interning part-time at Meirav Productions where he can further enhance his technical skills and network within this industry.

Every Friday Jacob posts a new video!

Don't miss out, YouTube - simps500's Channel


What were you doing before you came here?

I was finishing college and then teaching video production at Camp Ramah in New England over the summer.

How did you hear about this WUJS Israel program? 

Google.  I wanted to go to Israel after college, and looked into programs that would get me there doing something cool. Find out more @ Masa: WUJS Intern Tel Aviv

What responsibilities will you have during this internship?

I'm working part-time for WUJS doing the weekly video and interviewing other people at their jobs, as well as other short segments.  

At Meirav Productions, I am an assistant technician, helping to digitize footage on their computers and get it ready for editing, as well as other odd jobs here and there.

What are your goals for this internship program?

I hope to gain work experience, improve my Hebrew, have a good time in Israel before I enter the "real world", and make a lifetime of memories.

Have you had any difficulty settling in?

I once ordered way, way too much food at a shuk (market), but this was mainly because the guy kept offering me more and I didn't realize it was costing me more.

What did your friends say when you told them your plan to come to Israel?

"Cool" or "I'm jealous!" or "Well, I'm going to London, so..."

Elliot Lazarus Advances in Architecture in Jerusalem

Elliot Lazarus, 30, Lawrence, NY

New York Institute of Technology, Architecture

Track: Intern Jerusalem

Placement: Nitzan Bergman Architects

Website: http://studiolazarus.com

Blog: http://recessioninginjerusalem.blogspot.com

After completing my studies and spending five years working in various architecture and development firms, (Cetra Ruddy, Chetrit Group, and Trevor Davis, to name a few) I decided to see what my profession is like here in Israel. WUJS placed me in a small firm called Nitzan Bergman Architects in Jerusalem. We're currently working on a number of interesting urban planning and transit projects. As luck would have it, the transit projects are run in English, which not only makes it easier for me to communicate, but has given me the ability to take the lead since there aren't many other strong English speakers in the office. In general, while there are some small things that take getting used to, it's been a great experience. As a Jewish architect I can't think of a place in the world where it would be more exciting to design and build.


What were you doing before you came here?

Before I came to Israel I was a self employed architect. STUDIOLAZARUS

How did you hear about this WUJS Israel program? 

I found WUJS online. WUJS Israel Hadassah

What do you hope to get out of this program?

I hope to experience real life in Israel and gauge if aliyah would be a good choice for us. I living here with my wife and son. 

What are your responsibilities as an intern?

I'm interning at Nitzan Bergman Architects. We're working on some really interesting urban planning projects near the Old City. 

Have you had any difficulties settling in?

At first, I got lost a few times walking around Jerusalem. It's the best way to learn a new neighborhood. 

What did your friends say when you told them your plan to come to Israel?

At first they didn't think we'd do it. When they realized we were serious, they were jealous!